Friday, February 19, 2010

Treatment Venereal Diseases with Amaranth Juice

Treatment Venereal Diseases with Amaranth Juice
The symptoms of gonorrhea in men are, irritation of the urethra, a yellowish white discharge accompanied by scalding pain on passing urine; in women, it begins with a yellow vaginal discharges, pain on passing urine and very often inflammation of the glands situated close to the vulva.

The patient should be given water mixed with milk and also the juice of Amaranth leaves.

Prepare the Amaranth juice in the flowing way. Put about a handful of amaranth leaves in boiling water for sometime and then allow it to cool.

When lukewarm, strain, through a fine cloth and keep this water for drinking purpose.

Whenever the patient feels thirsty he must take either this water or milk and water solution or better take them alternately.

The entire infection should clear out though urine and in about a fortnight the patient would get relief.

Patients should avoid sitting in hard surfaces and should abstain form sexual intercourse.
Amaranth Juice and Venereal Diseases
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