Monday, January 16, 2012

Beet green juice

Beet green need to be cleaned off any sand or soil before juicing. Choose only firm roots of medium to large size. Use stems if they are tender.

Green leafy have the highest amount of chlorophyll, making them molecularly structures most alike hemoglobin in blood cells.

Beet greens also containing magnesium, iodine and iron which are excellent body mineralizer.

If the consumer not accustomed to mostly green juice, then add some carrot or beet moderately, until the tastebuds become more accustomed to the subtler sweet taste of green juice.

Beets greens juice is wonderful for the liver and gallbladder. A half glass per day will help bowel movement.

Beet green juice is a strong liver detoxifiers: that it so powerful and must be used carefully, It detoxifiers the liver so quickly it must mixed with other juices so that all the toxins don’t get blasted in blood stream at once.

The combination the juice with other juice such as carrot juice and coconut juice will provide a drink that has been used as a kidney and gall bladder cleanser.
Beet green juice
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