Friday, March 27, 2015

What are the benefits of lettuce juice?

Lettuce is the vegetable that rarely get cooked and thereby can provide an abundance of essential human nutrients.

A primary benefit of lettuce to juice fasters is its ability to calm the nervous system and help improve sleep. Lettuce help in reduces fluid retention and arthritis.

Lettuce is high in magnesium. This element has an important role in the recovery of tissue, nerves, brain and muscles.

As lettuce is rich in cellulose, it increases the bulk of the intestinal contents and encourages peristalsis.

Lettuce also can relieve headache. Lettuce juice when mixed with oil of roses and the n attached to the forehead can help relieve headaches so as to ensure restful sleep.

Lettuce may be the only source of living chlorophyll for some people and the simple salad sandwich, with lots of green lettuce leaves is a bonus for the blood, brain and nervous system.

Lettuce also provides a good serve of folate, required for production of red blood cells in the bone marrow, brain function and for a healthy nervous system. The raw juice of lettuce is cool and refreshing.
What are the benefits of lettuce juice?

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