Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Chickweed juice

Chickweed – called Alsine or Stellaria media, a floral star of middle magnitude – belongs to the Clove-pink order of plants,  and despite the most severe weather, grows all the year round.

The juice is easily obtained by bruising the fresh herbs, which are very juicy, in a mortar; this being done put the mass into a muslin bag and press the juice out.

A large quantity of chickweed is not necessarily to obtain a moderate amount of juice. The juice must be cooked with honey over a gentle fire keeping it well stirred so that the steam mounts up.

The juice of chickweed, as proved medicinally in 1893, produced sharp rheumatic pains and stitches in the head and eyes, with a general feeling of being bruised; also pressure about the liver and soreness there, with sensations of burning, and of bilious indigestion.

The small doses of tincture, or fresh juice, or infusion, has been found by its affinity to remove the train of symptoms just described, and to act most reliably in curing obstinate rheumatism allied therewith.

Chickweed is an excellent salad green that can be gathered in great quantities when found in the right habitats, In terms of both flavor and texture fresh young chickweed greens will please just about everyone who eats them.
Chickweed juice 

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