Friday, October 02, 2015

Definition of Vegetable

A commonly given definition is that a vegetable is a crop used to make vegetable salad. Vegetables are plants foods that include various edible parts such as leaves, shoots, roots, tubes, flower, and stems.

They normally do not include fruit. However, tomatoes and olives which are technically fruit, are include as vegetable , because of their culinary role is related more to vegetables than the fruits, for example , a garden salad almost includes tomatoes and sometimes olives, but it never includes any other fruits.

Vegetables are a horticultural crop. Other horticultural food crops include small fruits and tree fruits, which are usually grown as perennials. Vegetable crops may be either annuals or perennials.

Vegetables belong to important class of foods that supply us with many nutritive requirements, including proteins, starches, fats, minerals, sugars, and vitamins.

Vegetables also supply bulk to the diets well as a large variety of flavor and odors that provide the knowledgeable chef with a repertoire of culinary tricks. On a world basis, vegetable make up a considerable crop being consumed in the fresh state.

Vegetable crops can be classified into 3 main groups according to the plant part that is most commonly eaten.
*Fruit and seed vegetable
*Leaf and stem vegetable
*Root and tuber vegetable
Definition of Vegetable

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