Thursday, October 05, 2017

Lettuce Juice

Lettuce Juice is a good source of iron, being richer in this respect than grapes, spinach or raisins.

Iron is the most active element in the human body and needs to be renewed more frequently then any other.

It is stored in the liver and spleen, ready for any sudden demand that may be made in the system, through loss of blood, etc.

The magnesium too, in lettuce juice has great revitalizing powers, particularly in building muscular fibers, nerve centers, brain cells and lung tissues.

It also assists in maintaining the normal fluidity of the blood without which normal metabolism could no continue.
As magnesium cannot operate efficiently unless calcium is present, the combination of these two elements in lettuce juice makes it extremely valuable in all cases where magnesium is needed.

Lettuce juice has also good iodine content and possesses a fair proportion of five vitamins.

It also contains more than 9% phosphorus, which is the essential brain food, and 8% silicon, which with sulphur and phosphorus are necessary for the proper maintenance of healthy skin and hair.

Its excellent tonic properties make lettuce juice of remarkable value in anemia, nervousness, acidosis, insomnia, catarrh, headache, obesity, urinary disorder, rheumatic ailments, tuberculosis, goiter and dropsy.

Lettuce juice can be taken alone but is more palatable if combined with carrot juice in the proportion of two parts carrot juice to one part lettuce juice.
Lettuce Juice

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