Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Chlorophyll in green vegetable

Chlorophyll is a complex molecule and can participate in several reactions. The magnesium of chlorophyll is easily replaced by two hydrogen atoms in the presence of mild acids such as oxalic acid or acetic to produce a compound called pheophytin.

Green vegetables which are lower in acid retain a higher percentage of chlorophyll when they are cooked than do more acid vegetables.

There are two types of chlorophyll, and each produces a specific color in green plants. Chlorophyll a is blue-green, whereas the more common chlorophyll b is green.

Chlorophyll may be hidden by the air between the cells in fresh vegetables. Sometimes the green color can be enhanced by blanching the vegetable, which causes the air to bubble away so that it no longer clouds the color.
Chlorophyll in green vegetable

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