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Health benefits of cabbage juice

Cabbage Juice Cabbage juice has earned reputation for healing duodenal ulcers. It is high in calcium, vitamin C, sulfur, vitamin A and much more. 

Cabbage juice has also help people with eczema, seborrhea, and infection. The fresh juice should be consumed immediately since one of the beneficial compounds it contains methylmethioninesulfonium chloride diminishes upon exposure to air. 

The juice has a higher iodine content, which helps to regulate thyroid function and therefore can help with weight control. Cabbage juice has a cleansing effect on the mucous membranes lining the intestine tract and the stomach, helps to regulate bowel function, and may aid in preventing stomach cancer. 

Drinking cabbage juice can cause gas; however, this is a normal response brought on by the cleansing action of the juice as it breaks down waste in the intestines. 

Excessive and/or painful gas resulting from drinking cabbage juice may be a sign of too many accumulated toxins in the intestinal tract. Always dilute fresh cabbage juice with the water, in ratio of one part juice to one quarter to one half part water. Or juice two carrots or one apple with the cabbage to sweeten the strong flavor. 
Health benefits of cabbage juice

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