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Asparagus Juice and health benefits

Asparagus Juice and health benefits
Vegetable juices and blends have long been popular in some parts of Asia, particularly in the form of vegetable & fruit juices, or water & vegetables, and even black vinegar & vegetable blends.

 What is asparagus juice? Asparagus juice is the clear, unfermented liquid expressed from the washed and heated sprouts or parts of sprouts of the asparagus plant. Asparagus extract has been used not only to remove water from the body but as a purifier of the blood, to tone up the nervous system and as a gentle laxative.

Choose fresh looking stems that have not dried out and gone floppy. The white, woody base of the stem helps prevent it from losing moisture. It can be stored for a few days wrapped with a damp cloth around the base and kept in a cool place.

Asparagus is a luxury vegetable that still grows wild in Mediterranean countries. Asparagus was considered a luxury vegetable in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, where it was believe to have medicinal qualities that helped relieve the pain of bee stings and toothaches. A big helping will contain less than 40 calories and it is a good provider of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1 vitamin E, folic acid, choline, potassium and fiber.

The therapeutically active substance found in the asparagus is the alkaloid asparagine which exerts a rapid effect upon the kidneys, stimulating them and coloring the urine a dark yellow within hours of consumption. The asparagine is much reduced in quantity during cooking, so that the use of quite a small amount of the raw juice produces a good diuretic effect.

Traditionally it is for treating anemia, bowel aid, gout, nervous system, rheumatism, eye problem, kidneys, prostate and skin problems. Skin problem such as eczema also can be corrected as asparagus juice will go through the body system, then it will detoxify the body and bring it back to an alkaline balance, subsequently the kidneys will begin to function properly again. The essential oils which give asparagus its distinctive and pleasant flavor are very powerful.

However some people might find that if they take too much asparagus juice it can irritating to the kidneys. Not only is the urine colored, the asparagus also imparts quite a strong smell to it, The green tips of asparagus are particularly rich in glutathione, and antioxidant protein that functions in the body as a detoxifying agent, a defender against certain cancers and virus, as well as immune cell booster.
Asparagus Juice and health benefits

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