Thursday, February 14, 2019

Health benefits of water spinach

Water spinach is a delicious Asian green with small elongated leaves and succulent hollow stems. It is an herbaceous perennial growing about 2-3 feet high. In aquatic gardens it apparently behaves similar to water celery and watercress, floating on the surface and producing numerous roots. Both the mild-tasting stems and leaves are eaten.

It has great benefits including reducing cholesterol, work as an anti-diabetic, and prevent cancer and heart diseases.

Water spinach is also good to fight insomnia. Edible portion of the plant contains 90% water, 4-5% carbohydrate, 3% protein, 1% fiber, 0.3% fat, calcium, carotene, hentriacontane, iron, magnesium, potassium, sitosterol, sitosterol glycoside, sodium, provitamin A, vitamin C.
Health benefits of water spinach

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