Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Vegetable: Brazilian spinach

Brazilian spinach is a low growing perennial leaf vegetable, which forms a neat mound to 30 cm high, rather than spreading in a mat. Its leaves are edible, usually cooked by steaming or boiling and eaten as spinach.

The scientific name for Spinach is Spinacea (genus) oleracea (species). Also known as "Poor Man's Spinach".

This growth habit makes it a handy plant for edging paths, especially in partial shade as it is quite shade-tolerant. The leaves are mid green, round and crinkled.

The leaves are often eaten raw as part of a salad. The leaves should be cooked if consumed in large quantity, because they contain oxalic acid. The flavor is usually mild, but some cultivars have a slightly bitter taste. Brazilian spinach
Vegetable: Brazilian spinach

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