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Karela juice

Karela juice is made from a fruit called bitter melon, or Momordica charantia. It takes its name from translations of “bitter melon” in Indian languages. Bitter gourd or Karela belongs to family Cucurbitaceae. Depending on location, bitter gourd is also known as bitter melon, Karela or Balsam pear.

To make karela juice, it involves simply blending raw bitter melon with water. Some people find that adding a dash of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice makes it more delicious.

It is an important source of essential amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, carotenoids, folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and minerals.

The medicinal value of bitter gourd in the treatment of infectious diseases and diabetes is attracting the attention of scientists worldwide. Bitter gourd is anti-diabetic, stimulant, stomachie, laxative, blood purifier and control diabetes.

Karela is also used in asthma, burning sensation, colic, constipation, cough, diabetes, fever (malaria), gout, helminthiases, inflammation, leprosy, skin diseases, ulcer and wound.
Karela juice

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