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Beets Processing
Beets require 50 – 70 days from planting to harvesting. They are harvesting by machine and brought to the processing plant in hoppers or trucks. Generally they are not cooled prior to processing. Beets are canned but are not frozen.

At the canning plant, the tops are cut off by machine, after which the roots are held for several days to allow the skin to wilt, thereby loosening it. The beets are then graded for size by machine. After sizing, the beets are washed with sprays of water or in a soaking tank, and are then peeled. Beets are peeled by steaming at 220 degree F for about 20 min. after which the skin is removed. The peeled beets are then trimmed. Small beets are canned whole while the larger beets are sliced prior to filling into cans.

The cans, to which beets have added to a point about 3/8 in. from the tops, are then filled with a weak salt solution. The cans are then sealed and heat processed.
Beets sold in the fresh sate are washed, but usually not topped. They should be cooled to 32 – 35 degree F and held in this manner until sold to the consumer. In this edition, they have storage life of 10 – 14 days. When topped and cooled to 32 degree F they may be held for 3 – 5 months.

Beets Juice and Health Benefits
Beet juice is among the most valuable healing juices available. Beets and beet tops contain a form of iron that is readily absorbed into the blood, nourishing and toning it and building red blood cells. Beet juice is helpful in the treatment of menstrual irregularities as well as the symptoms of menopause. It helps to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the kidneys, liver and gallbladder. It also is useful in treating anemia and liver disorders.

Beet juice is best combined with other vegetable juices to buffer its powerful cleansing action, which can cause nausea and dizziness because it releases nutrients very quickly. Also its strong, earthy taste is more palatable if it is combined with other juices. A combination of 3 ounces each of beet and cabbage juice mixed with 10 ounces of carrot juice furnishes the body with a good balance of nutrients necessary for all physiological functions.
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