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Juice Therapy Vegetables

Vegetable Juice

#The Juice of Amaranth leaves is effective in resolving cataract.

#For Diabetes,a mixture of equal quantities of amla juice and bitter gourd juice taken every morning show a reduction in blood glucose levels.

#Beet juice is one of the most valuable juices for the liver and gall bladder.

#Brinjal juice is found to be an effective remedy for toothache.

#The use of cabbage juice for treatment of stomach ulcers is one of the latest and most vital advances in the field of juice therapy.

#A cup of carrot juice taken daily improves the eyesight and prevents cataract.Carrot juice is also excellent for the treatment of infantile diarrhoea and acute colitis.It also prevents dehydration.Mixed with a little honey carrot juice is highly effective in all sorts of fevers,general debility,nervous disorders,anaemia,lassitude,low vitality,and rundown conditions.Carrot juice applied on the burns help them heal faster.

#1-2 tsp fresh juice of coriander leaves mixed in 1 teacup buttermilk to be taken 2-3 times daily for Dysentry,Hepatitis,Indigestion and Nausea.Juice of fresh coriander leaves can be used as nasal drops for bleeding nose.Coriander juice applied on blackheads and pimples daily work wonders.

#Equal quantities to limejuice and the juice of the fresh leaves of the drumstick plant applied on the blackheads and pimples regularly,help in getting rid of them.Drumstick juice mixed with carrot juice help reduce blood pressure.

#2 tsp fresh juice of Fenugreek leaves along with 1 tsp honey to be taken daily in case of recurrent headaches and insomnia.

#Equal quantities of ginger juice,lemon juice,pudina juice and honey to be taken frequently for Dyspepsia,nausea,indigestion,jaundice,morning sickness and piles.

#Juice of ginger should be taken with honey 2-3 times daily for persistent cough.

#Lemon juice is an excellent blood purifier.Upon rising in the morning,drink the juice of 1 lemon in a cup of warm water.It helps in reducing obesity.Asthma is relieved by taking a half-spoonfdul of lemon-juice before each meal and upon retiring.Lemon juice taken 3-4 times daily along with garlic cures cough and cold.Drinking lemon juice daily helps to alleviate rheumatic fever,painful joints,lumbago and sciatica.

#Mint leaf juice is good in case of digestive disorders.

#Equal quantities of raw onion juice and honey,taken twice a day are effective for stomachache and indigestion.

#A cup of raw potato juice taken daily cures acidity.

#Juice of fresh ripe pumpkin taken regularly helps to get rid of kidney stones.Radish juice and its leaves,mixed with a little sugar,should be taken twice daily in the cases of jaundice.Equal quantities of radish juice,cucumber juice and capsicum juice,taken once a week would help in cleansing the digestive and respiratory systems of the body.

#Raw spinach juice taken twice a day before meals lowers the blood sugar.Spinach leaf juice,as a gargle,is good for sore throat.

#A glass of fresh tomato juice taken daily cleanses the system and prevents hardening of the arteries.Tomato juice keeps the blood stream alkaline and thus maintains high resistance to disease.

#Turnip juice mixed with cabbage or carrot juice,taken daily reduces mucous,helps asthma and bronchitis and relieves sore throats
Vegetable Juice

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