Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cabbage Juice

Cabbage was considered to be tonic and rejuvenator by the ancient Greeks, who also used it as a cure for baldness. It excellent anti-putrefactive properties and makes it valuable as a body cleanser as well as in cases of obesity, constipation and scurvy.

Cabbage juice is an effective laxative and skin food as well as an effective healing agent for duodenal ulcers. It is high in calcium, vitamin C. sulfur, vitamin A and much more.

Cabbage juice has also helped people with eczema, seborrhea and infection. The most valuable properties in cabbage are the high sulfur and chlorine content and the relatively large percentage of iodine.

The combination of the sulfur and chlorine causes a cleansing of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestinal tract but this only applies when cabbage juice is taken in its raw state without addition of salt.

As wonderful and valuable a cleanser and healer cabbage juice is, it may produce gas in some people. 

Excessive or painful gas resulting from drinking cabbage juice may be sign of too many accumulated toxins in the intestinal tract.

The sulfur in cabbage juice can react with bacteria in the intestines, also causing mild intestinal cramping and gas. If experience these symptoms after drinking cabbage juice, try reducing the amount used by diluting it with other juices or spring water.

Raw cabbage juice can be added to raw carrot juice, it forms an excellent source of vitamin C as a cleansing medium, aiding particularly where infection of the gums is present resulting in pyorrhea.
Cabbage Juice

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