Monday, January 26, 2015

Brussels sprouts juice

Brussels sprouts are a member do the cruciferous family and are therefore related to cabbage and cauliflower. Like broccoli, Brussels sprouts evolved from the wild cabbage. They were developed to its present form near Brussels.

When first sprouting, the vegetable stem ends up a long shoot with the sprouts forming close to the ground.

Brussels sprouts are similar in nutritional quality to broccoli. As a member of the cabbie family, Brussels sprouts are being investigated for their anticancer properties.

Brussels sprout juice has a strong flavor used alone. Before juicing them, separate the Brussels sprouts into individuals heads with stems just large enough to fit in the juicer.

The juice of Brussels sprouts combined with that of carrot, string bean and lettuce furnishes a combination of elements which helps to strengthen and regenerate the insulin properties of the pancreatic functions of the digestive system.

Historically, Brussels sprout juice was consumed to help the pancreas regenerate cells that produce insulin. Before insulin, this juice was one of the only treatment available.
Brussels sprouts juice

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