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Allicin in cauliflower

Cauliflower is a part of the cruciferous vegetable family (other members include broccoli, kale and cabbage). Cauliflower contains the compound allicin, which helps reduce the risk of stroke and improves heart health. It helps in maintaining the heart and the cardiovascular system. Allicin also helps detoxify and eliminate harmful chemicals in the blood and liver.

These effects may be due to allicin’s anti-inflammatory properties and its possible ability to prevent programmed cell death (apoptosis).

The compound also is one of the main active components of garlic and what gives it its distinct taste and scent. An enzyme called alliinase is activated when the clove is chopped or crushed. This enzyme converts alliin into allicin.

Allicin (diallylthiosulfinate) is a defense molecule with a broad range of biological activities. Allicin reacts with thiol groups and can inactivate essential enzymes. However, allicin is unstable at room temperature and antimicrobial activity is lost within minutes upon heating to >80 °C.

The majority of allicin's effects are believed to be mediated via redox-dependent mechanisms. In sub-lethal concentrations, allicin has a variety of health-promoting properties. It may also protect against blood vessel damage by helping to lower body:
*Blood sugar
*Blood pressure

Some studies have also found that allicin may help body muscles recover faster after work out.
Allicin in cauliflower

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